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Comparative Price Chart for Some Treatments

USATurkeySouth KoreaGermanyIndiaIsraelSwitzerland
Coronary Bypass Surgery130.000 $from 8.000 $20-25.000 $40.000 $11.000 $30.000 $44.596 $
Heart Valve Replacement70.000 $from 12.000 $20.000 $35.000 $12.000 $30.000 $47.794 $
Endoprosthetics of the Hip Joint45.000 $from 5.500 $16.000 $30.000 $8.000 $30.000 $35.000 $
Endoprosthetics of the Knee Joint45.000 $from 5.500 $17.000 $30.000 $8.500 $30.000 $35.000 $
Bone Marrow Transplant300.000$from 60.000 $80-200.000 $250.000 $40.000 $200.000 $250.000 $
Gamma Knife40.000 $from 5.500 $17.000 $20.000 $N/C20.000 $25.000 $
Cyberknife40.000 $from 7.000 $16.000 $20.000 $13.500 $20.000 $N/C

Cost of Treatment Procedures in Turkey (USD)

Atom Treatment (Radioactive Iodine)Thyroid Gland Diseases8,000
Face LiftingPlastic Surgery5,450
Mammoplasty & Neck liftingPlastic Surgery7,700
RhinoplastyPlastic Surgery3,600
Buccal Fat ExtractionPlastic Surgery2,500
Hair TransplantationPlastic Surgery1,700
Blepharoplasty Up & DownPlastic Surgery2,250
Blepharoplasty Up or DownPlastic Surgery1,250
MammoplastyPlastic Surgery3,350
Meniscus TearOrthopedy2,000
Hip ReplacementOrthopedy6,500
Knee Replacement tekOrthopedy6,500
Knee Replacement çiftOrthopedy8,100
Shoulder Joint ArthroscopyOrthopedy4,500
Knee Joint ArthroscopyOrthopedy4,500
Tendom TearOrthopedy4,900
Left Humeroscapular PeriarthritisOrthopedy6,500
Inguinal Hernia SurgeryOrthopedy3,200
Oncology Check-upOncology2,200
Prostate CancerOncology3,900
Neurology Diagnostic for ChildNeurology1,700
Liver TrasnplantationTransplantations45,000
Kidney TransplantionTransplantations22,000
Bone Marrow TransplantionTransplantations61,500
Obesity SurgeryMetabolic Surgery6,000
Treatment of Type 2 DiabetesMetabolic Surgery6,000
Coronary AngiographyCardiovascular Disease (CVD)3,500
Balloon Angioplasty and Stent PlacementCardiovascular Disease (CVD)8,000
Coronary Artery Bypass (Conventional)Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)13,000
Minimally Invasive ASD or VSD Closure SurgeryCardiovascular Disease (CVD)14,500
IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)Gynecology4,500
ViterectomyEye Surgery8,950
CataractEye Surgery2,200
Cornea TransplantEye Surgery12,000
Standart implant - (Evoss, Nucleus)Dental Treatments2 470
Standart implant - (Medentica)Dental Treatments2 600
Veneers Lamine (VİTA)Dental Treatments2 400
Veneers Zirconium (VİTA)Dental Treatments2 360
Veneers Metal Backed Crown (VITA)Dental Treatments2 300
SedationDental Treatments1 000
General AnesthesiaDental Treatments2 000
Overall Check-UpCheck-Up1,300
VIP Check-UpCheck-Up2,300
Kidney Stone Surgery (Endoscopic)Nephrology3,200


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