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Hear It From Our Patients

R.K Kazakhstan


“Doctor Sema Koç was competent and did an excellent job. I want to thank both the doctor and the operation team.”

Z.F Kazakhstan


“We often come to rest in Turkey with our family. Recently my mother needed to undergo knee arthroplasty. We have known Tefac Clinics and their leaders for a long time and immediately turned to them for help. Everything was organized accurately and professionally. We liked the hospital so much that at the same time the whole family decided to undergo a general diagnosis. Thank you all.”


General Surgery

“This was my very first surgery and I couldn’t be more appreciative that it happened the way it did. First and foremost, many thanks to Tefac team who accompanied me on this journey. He found a hotel in the area, scheduled my taxi rides, translated all the important stuff, and made sure that I felt welcome and comfortable day-in day-out. It is also important to note that the ASV Yasam Hospital literally blew my mind with both its magnificent layout and architecture and its attentive and skilled staff. Last but certainly not least, kudos to Dr. Oğuz Ergin who performed my surgery and made sure that I received all the essential and vital information regarding post-surgery recovery.”

O.S Ukraine


“Two months ago suddenly I received oncology diagnosis. I was very surprised and disappointed but had to decide what to do and quickly. One friend of mine told me to turn to Tefac Clinics Antalya company. So,two months later I`d like to express my deep gratefulness to the people and company who were involved in my treatment and medical examinations. Everything was very well organized and done very quickly,so I didn`t spend a single day for nothing. All the people involved were also extremely kind and helpful. So I would highly recommend everyone who has the same problem to turn to Tefac company for medical service. I hope you will never regret. Best regards. Oleg”

J.H United Kingdom


“It was amazing. The service is so good. The translator was fabulous. I am not dying either and I’m a healthy 51 year old! Thank you. I will do this again”

A.İ Russia


“We were very pleased with the doctor's examination. Thank you so much”

A.M Russia


“After the obesity surgery, I have lost 44 kg, from 145 kg to 101 kg. I cannot express my happiness, only those who experience it can understand this feeling. Thanks Tefac Clinics for bringing me back to life.”

E.I Kyrgzystan


“I was in Antalya for a vacation. The knee pain that I had been experiencing for a long time made me so tired that I decided to see a doctor in Antalya and contacted Tefac Clinics, whom I knew through my friends. They took care of me so well and I received amazing service that I couldn't even believe. I both found a solution for my problem and had an incredible experience.”

F.H Kygrzystan

Pituitary Gland

“My wife is diagnosed with ALS while we were in Antalya. I can't tell how sad this situation made us. We neither knew the language nor the things that we could do about it. During the struggle against this incurable disease, Tefac Clinics employees, took an incredible interest in us. We just wanted to thank you.”

O.K Ukraine


“I am a citizen of Ukraine and I came to Antalya to visit my relatives. Since I was pregnant and it coincided with the pandemic period, I decided to give a birth in Antalya due to the risks of traveling by plane and the virus. Tefac Clinics family has always been with me throughout the whole process and now, we have a healthy baby. I can't thank you enough for this.”

Roya United Kingdom


"I have got chronic diseases which I suffer several years. They have ruined my daily life style, mental ability and have had negative affects on body. My last chance was to go through medical examination in Turkey and I chose tefacclinics to help me. By their competent employees, perfect doctors and medical services, I was offered several treatment methods via their multidisciplinary approach. I am very grateful for everyone here who assisted me in my cure, and never let me alone through the entire examination period."

L.B United Kingdom


”I was pleasantly amazed by the utmost excellence of healthcare services and the overall level of assistance at the medical facility, along with the highest attainable competence of the physician's team. The facility itself is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology. Exceptionally affable personnel. Throughout every phase, there was a translator in close proximity who assisted in accurately grasping the significance of the procedures conducted and conveyed the doctors' advice and instructions in depth ”

A.E United Kingdom

Dental Treatment

”I went to Antalya for holiday and had a dental accident while eating. I messaged clinic and the immediately came back to me to schedule the time of my appointment. I had excellent treatment, pain-free, in a very clean and professional setting close to centre. The price was also reasonable and the end results were astonishing. ”


Zirconium Crown

”They were so friendly and professional and the clinic was amazingly clean. There are so many dental clinics in Antalya, but this has to be up there as one of the very best. The materials used were top-quality zirconium crowns and the implants were of the same quality, so please be assured that you are getting the best treatment with the best materials. ”

F.E Netherlands

Gastric Balloon

”Very friendly and helpful staff. The experience in a whole was very pleasant I would definitely recommend. And once again the staff are great. ”

A.E Switzerland

Breast Augmentation

”The treatment went very well. I had amazing support from the clinic. I am very satisfied with the entire experience. I would definitely recommend the clinic!”

K.F Netherlands

Hair Transplantation

“I had a really nice experience. I went for a hair transplant. They were very helpful both during the operation and during my recovery, they are caring and helpful. The hotel I stayed in was good and transportation was also very easy. Thank you for everything.”

M.L United Kingdom

Dental Implants

“I had an implant in my teeth. Tefac Clinics provided me with an excellent experience. All of my results were outstanding.”

M.G Ireland

Zirconium Crown

”Great service, lovely staff, and affordable prices! Highly recommended! Hope to visit you again!”

L.A Germany

Lip Lifting

“Did a lip lifting and I am very happy about the results! Everything healed very well and everyone was very friendly and caring.”

C.K United Kingdom


“I had an operation for gyno in the UK several years ago to remove just the glands which cost more than the entire thing would have done here, they were good but not a patch on how it’s been in Turkey. If your are unsure, don’t be! Thanks again.”

M.H Germany

Breast Augmentation

”I'm very happy about the breast augmentation as well, the surgeon was very professional and helped me chose the right implants for my body frame (Round, Silicone, 315cc) and it looks great!”

B.W United Kingdom


“I went to Surgery TR for liposuction on the stomach, back and thighs. I am delighted with my results and with the treatment from beginning to end. All my questions were answered and I was supported throughout the whole process. Everything is arranged for you and any anxieties minimised. Would highly recommend!”

M.A United Kingdom


“Came back my Vaser Lipo. I love the results and the service was amazing, I will recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your service.”

K.A Germany

Zirconium Crown

”Fantastic service from start to finish. Highly recommend.”

J.K United Kingdom

Zirconium Crown

“Great experience! Everyone was so helpful, kind and the pricing is so affordable.”

T.L United Kingdom

Liposuction & Rhinoplasty

“I had a rhinoplasty and liposuction. The treatment I received was amazing and great. I would definitely recommend surgery TR anytime. The doctor that did my op was amazing, made me feel safe, secure and explained what he was going to do. I could not be happier. I’m four weeks post op and everything is going so well, thanks to Tefac clinic.”


Liposuction & Tummy Tuck

”Got liposuction and tummy tuck for my wife. Very good overall experience. A good doctor too. Very good experience.”

A.M Ireland

Breast Lifting

“I had a breast lift and reduction. My experience was great from beginning to the end.”

K.E Bulgaria

Breast Implant & Tummy Tuck

“Had Breast Implants and Tummy tuck done .Absolutely life changing.”

S.R Portugal

Breast Augmentation

”From the driver to the coordinator to all staff, this is a high-quality service for an affordable price. I went to get my breast surgery and have tried many other hospitals, but never have I felt this welcome and safe before.”

M.Y Sweden

Hair Transplantation

“I underwent hair transplant approximately 3 weeks ago at Tefac Clinics successfully. It is too soon to say something about the results but otherwise, everything was OK! Kind and careful personnel, clean and local. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tefac clinics.”

Z.A Kazakstan

Hair Transplantation

“I got hair transplant surgery, the result satisfying both the hospital staff who are friendly, and we strongly recommend.”

A.G Germany

Zirconium Crown

”From start to finish this whole process was amazing. Every single member of the staff was very helpful, kind and supportive and the ongoing support is fantastic. I travelled alone but felt at ease from the beginning. I will definitely be looking to go back and have further surgery if needed. The hospital was extremely clean. The hotel equally as clean and friendly.”

M.R Ireland

Gastric Sleeve

“I went by myself and they helped make me feel really comfortable. It was easy to get any help I needed as they checked on me very regularly. I would recommend to anyone looking in Turkey for gastric sleeve.”

A.G Russia

Eye Surgery

“I had an operation and I want to thank the whole team, they are all great professionals. Thanks!!!”

M.S United Kingdom

Gastric Sleeve

”Well just back from my gastric sleeve procedure in Istanbul and can not fault the service from arrival. All the staff encountered were extremely helpful. The surgeon was fantastic and very approachable as was dietitian.”

J.W United Kingdom

Gastric Sleeve

“It was great experience and they did more than five stars We recommend it for our friends.”

P.H Ireland

Eye Surgery

“Lens replacement with Tefac was awesome. Great communication and a professional approach to this procedure. Good service from start to finish and very reassuring. I would recommend this clinic I was very impressed.”

T.S United Kingdom

Dental Implant

”They offered superb service. I was driven to my eye doctor’s appointment. representative, spoke excellent English and liaised with all personnel for me. It made the whole experience painless. The follow-up by team has been excellent.”

E.B Ireland

Lens Replacement

“Excellent treatment from start to finish! At the consultation, we amended my treatment to make it more suitable to myself. A complete explanation of why this would provide more positive results and so I choose to have Smart Lens replacements.”


Gastric Bypass

“ I had a gastric bypass on 5th August. From my first contact with them they were professional and accommodating. The coordinators were excellent, answering all of my questions completely and putting my mind at rest.”

M.J United Kingdom

Dental Implant

”Breast reduction, liposuction and tummy tuck Right where do I start!”

B.M Kazakstan

Gastric Sleeve & Tummy Tuck

“ I had a gastric sleeve last year and come back this year to get a 360 tuck. I'm made up with everything and the team tefac were amazing. Thanks, Tefac clinics.”

V.L Uzbekistan

IVF Treatment

“We would highly recommend the Tefac clinic to absolutely anyone who is considering fertility treatment, no matter where you are in your fertility journey.”

A.G United Kingdom

Dental Implant

”I am so happy with my implant and teeth. Great service and caring dentist and they looked after me. I would highly recommend. Thank you all so much, Tefac clinics.”

W.A Ireland

Teeth Whitening

“This is my first time here for teeth whitening and I love it. My teeth are sparkling white. The doctor was very great with communication.”

K.B Germany

Dental Implant

“I’m having implant treatment. I’m very pleased with the interest. Every detail is explained. The clinic is very clean and the staff is very caring. I’ll prefer Tefac Clinics for all my dental treatments.”

S.B Italy


”I can recommend Tefac Clinics to anyone who will have nose surgery in Istanbul with peace of mind.”

J.W United Kingdom

Face Lifting

“If you are considering facelift surgery, you can definitely choose Tefac Clinics.”

L.M Kazakhstan


"Здравствуйте, хотела поделиться своими впечатлениями о своей поездке , организованной Tefac Clinics. Начиная со встречи в аэропорту было всё организовано на отлично , команда очень приветливая, заботливая, внимательная и , конечно терпеливая!!! Очень рада, что выбрала именно их! Спасибо Вам за прекрасного доктора Yılmaz GEYİK . Доктор со своей лёгкой рукой провел операцию, чувствую себя прекрасно , доктор очень внимательный, дополнительно провёл процедуру за которую даже не оплачивали, спасибо! Планирую обратиться ещё за другой процедурой🙏"


- You send us your inquiries and request.


- Tefac team reviews your request and contacts you.


- TEFAC experts offer online consultation with doctor and prepare treatment proposal for you.


- Soon after you approve the treatment plan, Tefac organizes your trip.


- Tefac accompanies and stays in touch during your entire treatment process.


- To ensure you get the best results, Tefac team assists you before, during and after the treatment procedures.

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